2020              Assistant Professor (MCF) qualifications:

– CNU section 11: English studies
– CNU section 7: Linguistics

2015-2019     PhD, English Linguistics – University of Lille – EDSHS – STL (UMR 8163 / CNRS)

Title: On the semantics-pragmatics interface: a theoretical bridge between Construction Grammar and Relevance Theory.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ilse Depraetere

Prof. Dr. Agnès Celle (University Paris Diderot) – Chair
Prof. Dr. Billy Clark (Northumbria University) – Rapporteur
Prof. Dr. Martin Hilpert (University of Neuchâtel) – Rapporteur
Dr. Bert Cappelle (University of Lille) – Examinator
Prof. Dr. Rita Finkbeiner (University of Düsseldorf) – Examinator

Erasmus Traineeship – supervised by Prof. Dr. Billy Clark
Middlesex University London, Language and Communication research cluster.

2013- 2015     MA (by research), English Linguistics – University Lille 3

2014-2015     MA-2 (First Class)

Thesis: « Can, could and be able to: the expression of ability and actualization. » (Supervisor: Ilse Depraetere)

Language and Space (M. Lemmens)
Pragmatics: exploring and extending Relevance Theory (B. Clark, Middlesex University London)
Mood and Modality (I. Depraetere)
Changement et Variation (T. Milliaressi, M. Lemmens, K. O’Connor, R. Noske, C. Patin, R. Loock, G. Caliendo)

2013-2014     MA-1 (First Class)

Thesis: « Verbal agreement with partitive noun phrases. » (Supervisor: Ilse Depraetere)

Meaning in context: The semantics/pragmatics interface (R. Salkie, University of Brighton)
Aspect and tense in English (B. Cappelle, C. Piñón)
Construction Grammar (M. Hilpert, University of Neuchâtel)
Usage-based approach to language and language acquisition. (M. Lemmens)
Empirical approaches to language and language teaching (M. Lemmens)
Linguistic theories of the 20th and 21st centuries. (T. Milliaressi, A. Carlier, C. Piñón, B. Cappelle, R. Noske)

2010-2013      BA, English studies – University Lille 3 – First class

3rd year (2012-2013): ERASMUS – University of York (York, UK)