Professional Appointments

2020-     Assistant Professor in English Linguistics, University of Paris 8, TransCrit (UR 1569)

2019-2020     Research Engineer, University of Lille, STL (UMR 8163 – CNRS)
oooooooooooANR-FNS project REM « Re-thinking English Modal constructions ».
oooooooooooPI: Ilse Depraetere (U. Lille) & Martin Hilpert (U. Neuchâtel)

2017-2019     ATER (Temporary Teaching and Research Assistant), University of Lille, English Department

2016-2017     Co-author in the EGAD project (Grammar teaching by distance), University Lille 3
oooooooooooLead authors: Ilse Depraetere & Chad langford


CURRENT (Paris 8)
• Grammar 1: The verb phrase (1st year, BA)
• Grammar 2: The noun phrase (1st year, BA)
• Introduction to linguistics (1st year, BA)
• Linguistics: Form (Contrastive morphology) (2nd year, BA)
• Linguistics: Meaning (Semantics & Pragmatics) (2nd year, BA)
• World Englishes (2nd year, BA; shared with Dr. McInerney and Dr. Amy de la Bretèque)


University of Lille – English Department – BA ‘English studies’

• English Grammar: Forms and Functions / The Verb Phrase (1st year)
• English Grammar: Tense, Aspect, Mood and Modality (1st year)
• Morphology and Lexical Semantics (1st year)
• English Phonetics (1st year)
• Introduction to linguistics (1st year)
• English Grammar : The noun-phrase (2nd year)
• English Grammar: NP modifiers and discourse markers (2nd year)
• World Englishes (2nd year)
• Diachrony (2nd year)
• Pragmatics (3rd year)

Westminster University (London, UK)
• Introduction to Pragmatics (1st year / BA Language and Literature)