I am an Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences) of English Linguistics at the University of Paris 8.

On this website, you will find essential information on my research (cf. ‘publications’ and ‘talks’). Feel free to contact me for any information.

As a scientist, I take a keen interest in how meaning comes about and the bulk of my research is centered on the semantics-pragmatics interface. At a conceptual level, my theories of choice are Cognitive Construction Grammar and Relevance Theory, and I focus on issues that require spelling out the respective roles of grammar and context in the co-construction of meaning (e.g. coercion, lexically-regulated saturation, etc.). In the domain of English linguistics, I am especially interested in the expression of modality and the fine meaning effects (semantic or pragmatic) that the use of different modals brings about.

At a personal level, I take great pleasure in the simple things in life. Nature is my temple. I never miss on a good run in the woods, a walk on the beach, or a few days hike in the mountains. My family and friends are my backbone. I always make sure to make good use of the time I am given to spend with them. Music is my energy. There is no other moment I feel more connected to my emotions than when I sing.